Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Commission progress

I am reaching the fun part of my painting, where I am adding
character.  Making it go from a rendering to a home.
I have added more shadows, another layer on the grass,
working the bushes, and adding fall color to the trees.

This is how it looked at 6pm tonight.
More into the trees and grass, warmth across the top of
the left bushes, shadows at the chimney and across the
porch roof.
I will continue painting till about 10pm... then I need
to ride my bike on indoor rollers then bed and start
all over tomorrow.  My plan is to have it finished and
framed and ready for delivery on Sunday.
So no goof off time!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Back to my commission

I am putting in a few late nights painting.
Starting with getting more color on the bushes.
Added the steps.

Next I am deepening the bushes.  Under painting the
grass and added a bit of the sky.

More work on the bushes.  Deepening the sky.
Starting the trees.

Monday, February 8, 2016

February 3 Day Special…

February 3 Day Special…
I am working on cleaning out some inventory by
offering my private clients a special price.
The Deal…
I picked 3 prints ~ unframed
I can frame them for you just ask me the price
½ off the regular price for  3 days only!  Available until Thursday, February 11!
Pick up at the studio or
add $8 towards shipping.
Email your order... 

The Prints…

“Heirlooms”   12x9”   $45… ½ off = only $22.50!

“One A Day”  11x16”  $50… ½ off = only $25.00!

“Window Shopping”  18x13”   $85… 1/2 off = $42.50!

Friday, February 5, 2016

commission up date

I did not get as much painting time yesterday.  We mounted a
local exhibit with 28 prints and 25 originals.  Took a few
hours to hang everything.  Then last night there was a
reception that was packed for two hours.  Both Linda and
I were hoarse by the end of the evening.

Don't worry, the yellow on the bushes is only an under
wash.  It will make the green warmer with undertones.

Here is a closeup of the porch.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Moving along nicely.  This was yesterdays work.
More work on the front stones to create texture and
richer color.  Reflections in the bottom windows
and a bit more small detail work on the porch.

Today my focus was the stones on the side of the
house and the windows and shutters.  Below is a
close-up view.

This is an overview.

I am at 5 days of painting all day into the night.  I always tell my
students to slow down, take your time so you don't make
mistakes.  I have learned to enjoy this process and the excitement
of watching it build.  I am considered a fast painter and it is
still taking this long.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

commission progress

I concentrated on the addition on the house.
Because of the view you only see the end.
On this closeup view notice the rockers and detail
on the fence.

Worked on the top windows, just continuing to add more value.
Even though this is a large painting there is so many small details
especially on the porch.  Chairs, bench, swing, pumpkins, mums.

I am working on this in-between teaching my classes.
Even managed an outside bike ride!

Monday, February 1, 2016

commission progress

I have been concentrating on my house commission.  After
getting a few easy revisions from the previous sketch I was
ready to draw it on my watercolor paper.  Personally I like
to hand draw with only a ruler and pencil.  I like the
connection it gives me to the painting.  This drawing was ok'd
without any changes!

I added a few more details and then started painting the
fence.  My clients came to watch me paint for about two
hours on Saturday.

 A little underpainting (thin layers of color) on the grass
 (inside the fence)  and the shutters.

Building the roof, started with a wash of burnt umber and
yellow ochre.  Then I added lines. Started on the stones.

More lines on the roof, more stonework.  Building the colors
slowly.  Added a few pieces of furniture.

Still working on the stones.  Since starting painting I have
three full 10 hour days of work up to this point.

Any questions so far??

Monday, January 25, 2016


I am concentrating my time on my next commission.  A fabulous
stone home.  It will be framed 29x25"  Below is my first full
scale hand-drawn sketch.  There is several days work on this
sketch, it really gave me a feel for the house and it relationship
to the land. There are lots of little details I needed to get in.
My client had a few revisions but over all it is ok'd

This afternoon I cut my watercolor paper and taped it to my board.
I am now working on the drawing that will be my guide for the
watercolors.  I really like to take my time on the drawing, it makes
for less mistakes when painting.  

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Check in

I used this painting as my class demonstration over
the past two weeks.  It was a study in the layers of
washes and turning a daytime to nighttime.
17x21"  Untitled - suggestions welcome!
This is a local barn, off of Pine Hill Rd in Lititz PA
A few weeks ago I was out on my bike and flatted
out on this road.  While waiting for my pickup I
snapped a few local photos.  Gave me plenty of time
to study this barn.

I spent all afternoon working on my commission
drawing.  Still not finished, I am shooting for tomorrow.

Monday, January 18, 2016

New commission!!

I started working on my next commission.  Pretty excited with
it; a fabulous old stone home.  It starts with a meeting with
my client to talk about size, and the view they were
interested in. What they want in or out of the view.  Time
of year, focal point as they see it.  I always view my
commissions as a partnership with me and the client, so
their input is important to me.
Yesterday we went to view the home and I took  100+ photos
and had them developed.  Lots of close-up details.
Today I laid out paper the size the painting will be and spent
the day studying my photos and starting a drawing.  I like to
work out my problem areas in this drawing and it helps me
understand the house and its relationship to the land.  I do
not rush this study part.  Taking my time now saves
mistakes later.  I will show you this preliminary full scale
sketch as soon as I have it finished; Tuesday or Wednesday.
I have permission to share it as I go along!