Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday check in

I just realized I have not blogged for almost a month, the
longest I have ever gone.  No excuses, I will simply
catch you up.
Classes:  All four of my classes finished the last week
in March. I will teach again in September.  Linda's living rooms
are back to being part of the house instead of an extension
of the studio!
Track:  I coach Jr.Hi. sprinters for Warwick (Lititz, PA)
We are in the 5th week of track.  Both boys are girls
are 3-0!!   Always very proud! We have ELCO Invitational
this Saturday.  I love track and I love working with the kids!
Life Issues:  Our computer died and had to be replaced $$$  
A week later the printer died and had to be replaced $$  
Last week I lost my only pair of glasses.  I had to get a new
pair or I can't  see to paint!  I thought Linda would have a
coronary at the cost $$$   This week the glasses were
found on the bus we took to a meet,  hidden in the seat belt!
I keep trying to spin it, how lucky I am now to have a spare
pair but she's not buying it!
Then my suburban, which is parked on the street, was
swiped during the night with no one taking responsibility.
On the bright side, I can drive it.  On the down side, it looks
bad and I have a $500 deductible.  In an effort for Linda to
control life she decided our garage must be emptied of all
stored junk!  I took 3 loads of old used bikes to a shop in
Lancaster that recycles them.  Linda sold one large pile of her
Moms craft supplies. There are more where they came from!
I was informed we are working on it again in the morning...
she is determined to have it emptied by the end of the month!
Painting:  I have been painting.  I finished two commissions...
 A clients house commission.

A clients hollyhocks from France.

I also finished three paintings for my booth which I will
post later and this morning started a commission of a series
of 4 paintings for a business.  Not sure I may share them I am working, just not on small blog pieces.
That wraps up the past four weeks!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Check in

All I can manage this week is an update! Track started on
Monday. It is taking me several days to
 get used to a new
schedule. I start getting ready at 2:30
to be at school by
3:00  It goes till 5:15 but somehow it 
is much later till I get
back home!  I have 48 sprinters; boys 
and girls, 7-9th
graders all on my own!  But I LOVE track!  Now all I need
is some sunshine and the snow to melt off the track!

I still have 4 classes that I am teaching each week in March.  
Plus I am trying to finish my house commission.
Below is my commission...

Weekend Show:
Saturday, March 15
North Penn H.S. in Lansdale, PA

9:30am to 4:30pm
This is a nice quality show, worth
your time to check it out!  

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

2014 Cape May Series #5

4" x 6" Original Watercolor ~ A Painting A Day
Cape May has the best selection of porches!
The colors are bold and vibrant.

It was a bit warmer today and I am getting antsy.
Taught a morning class and then ran a few errands
with Linda.  Also got a much needed haircut.
I need to take the next few days to work on a house

commission.  The drawing is completed and I need
to concentrate on the painting.

Show this weekend:
Cranbury Craft Show
Held at Cranbury Elementary School
Cranbury, NJ
Sat. 10-4 and Sun. 11 -4

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2014 Landscape #2

4"x 6" Original Miniature Original Watercolor

This painting looks so much better in person.
I am super happy with the way it turned out.

My March classes started this week, this is the
last set till fall.  My students are doing a great job.
Did I mention TRACK starts next Monday!!  Yes it is
that time, even if the track is covered in snow I am
very excited.

Over the weekend we stayed with our friend Joan while
attending a show and managed to catch up on a few
Oscar movies.
12 Years a Slave -  excellent does not sound
like the right word for this difficult to watch movie,
Linda said it left a pit in her stomach... it is a must see.
Dallas Buyers Club - excellent better than we thought
it would be.

Linda and Joan watched:
Nebraska - loved it
Blue Jasmine - liked it

This weekend we are headed to Cranbury, NJ
more details to follow.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2014 Cape May Series #4

 4"x 6" Original Miniature Original Watercolor

While our January Cape May trip was chilly
the sun was out.  I am going with a bright
Cape May feeling today.

Class this morning, painting in the afternoon,
family dinner at Five Guys.  Painting again
tonight.  Just a usual day.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2014 Still Life #4

 4"x 6" Original Miniature Original Watercolor

I am finished with the winter series.
Went with a porch scene.  Yes, the legs

on this chair were odd...
I paint um as I see um!

I have a show this weekend:

Owen J Roberts Friends of the Arts

34th Annual Craft Show
Held at Owen J Roberts H.S.
981 Ridge Rd. Pottstown, PA
Sat. and Sun. from 10 to 4

Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday check in

Worked on my drawing for a new commission most 
of the weekend.  We did go see "Monuments Men"
and I highly recommend it.  Very well done.
Today I had two classes to teach.  We started landscapes.
This was my demonstration piece.

Meanwhile Linda made a great dinner.  I had to take
a photo... she cooks most nights and is always trying
new things... but this... hummm
Chicken with beans, fresh spinach in a wine/chicken broth

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2014 Winter Series #16

6"x 4" Original Miniature Original Watercolor

I taught a class this morning and then had
my first track meeting.  Track starts March 10th!
I am ready... Although the snow needs to melt
off the track! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2014 Winter Series #15

 4"x 6" Original Miniature Original Watercolor
A study of blues...
Maybe a hidden meaning in that title!!

Taught a morning class, ran errands with
Linda then family dinner and teaching an evening
class.  Not much time to even think!
The snow is still getting in my way, trying
to find parking for my students!
Below is a larger painting I had started the other
week at the Art Show and finally finished.

14x18     Title suggestions welcome...

Monday, February 17, 2014

2014 Winter Series #14

5"x 5" Original Miniature Original Watercolor

It was not the snow that made me want to
paint this one... it was the moon!
You know I like moons.

We had a quiet weekend at home.  Caught
up on a few movies, (watching Netflix streaming)
"White Collar" which Linda loves.  Started
" House of Cards" and "Sherlock" both very good
series.  Today was my classes at Luther Acres,
I love that class!  Check out their work here.
Also found out I was accepted into two big shows.
Art on the Square in Belleville, IL and Columbus, OH.

Columbus had 1100 entries and I was one of 280