Monday, January 26, 2015


I have been spending all of my time on my new commission. Since the
first of January I completed two full scale hand drawings, each taking
about a week.   They were viewed by my client, changes were made
both times.  I finally was able to draw (a third time) on my watercolor
paper.  Below is the hand drawing.
This is a full sheet watercolor ~ 30" X 22"

Once this final drawing was completed and OK'd I am able to
start painting.  With watercolor it is important to have your
drawing correct.  Once I start adding paint, the paint stains
the paper and it is hard to make changes.

I am starting at the top, working in my sky.

 Detail in the clouds and working on the tree.
This is two full days of painting.  I need to take my time!

We did have a fun weekend in Washington, DC with friends.
Stayed at The Hotel Lombardy which was very nice.  Went
to the Bureau of Engraving,  The Basilica, and the
Newseum.   We had wonderful meals at: Founding Farmers,
District Commons and Marvin.

Linda is still fighting off her chest cold. Which I gave her.
Meds and resting only  helped a little.   Doctor offered
a second round of antibiotic but I think she is going to
wait it out. That brings you up to date.  I plan to paint
most of tonight, in between shoveling...

Thursday, January 8, 2015


For new students that have never painted I usually start
them off with a fruit.  Looking at color, texture and
light and shadows.  I had 3 classes with new students
and we used a cherry.   Here are my demonstration pieces...

 Cherry Study #1
6"x 4" 

 Cherry Study #2
4"x 6"


 Cherry Study #3
6"x 4" 

Today was spent on the full scale study drawing
for my commission.  I am assembling multiple photos
into one drawing. Using historical and current photos
trying to get every building the client wants into this
sweeping view.   I will have several days into working
out the study drawing.  Then my client will look at it
and make any corrections before I even begin to draw
on the watercolor paper.  A slow process but I already
have the image in my mind!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Can it be 2015 already??

 "Diocletian Palace" in Split Croatia ~ 300AD!
6"x 4"  original watercolor

I loved this angle, the blue sky just brings you up.

Korcula, Croatia
4"x 6" original watercolor
They just put up the Christmas tree in the square

In case you did not know, Linda had a wonderful
opportunity to go with Joan, her girlfriend on a
small ship cruise to Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia

and Herzegovina.   I stayed home and played
bachelor for 15 days.  I learned how much I missed
her!  Anyway, I was excited to paint a few of the photos
she took.  The limestone is so old...

I just looked back and was surprised to see I have
been Blogging and doing "A Painting A Day"
for 8 years!  It has become a little harder to do it
daily but don't think for a moment I am not painting
daily!!  I am juggling classes which started yesterday

and of course it snowed so half my class made it!
I started a large estate commission which I will post
when I have permission.  Linda is closing out our
year and reading show applications.  Just keep rolling


Thought I would share some Holiday photos of our
kitties...   handsome boys!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 Holiday Series

Two more Holiday paintings...
Holiday Series #9

Holiday Series #10
6"x 4" 

We had a very nice Christmas with family and friends.
Linda spent today at her desk, my watercolor classes are
now listed.  Email if you are interested... get out of the
house this January!   Show applications are spread out

and "end of year" sticky notes everywhere.    I went out
today and took extra photos for this big commission I
have for January.  I am expecting it to take all of the
month to paint.    That brings you up to date here at 

the Smith house.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 Holiday Series

Another set of four new "Painting A Day"
miniature originals...
 Holiday Series #5

 Holiday Series #6

Holiday Series #7
this window was from Williamsburg last year.

Holiday Series #8

We spent most of the day in the kitchen
baking and cooking, I had clean up duty.
Merry merry!!

Monday, December 22, 2014

2014 Holiday Series

Since the Season is upon us I am going to put
4 of my latest "painting a day" pieces on at a time!

Holiday Series #1

 Holiday Series #2  

 Holiday Series #3  

 Holiday Series #4

It has been a month since I took the time to blog.
Open House went well, we had a nice Thanksgiving
and a good Open Studio.   Linda had a fabulous opportunity
to go with her friend Joan on a trip to Croatia.  She was
gone 15 days.  That left me home alone to my own devices!
I biked and painted and went to friends for dinner.  Cooked
several times for my father-in-law.  Handled orders, kept
pretty busy.  I wanted Linda to see all the paintings I did while
she was away in case she wanted to print some next year.
Now I am posting several at a time and I promise you they look
even better in person.  You can't go wrong with this Holiday
collection.   Meanwhile...
Linda is back and now it is Christmas!
Rashetta comes home Tuesday morning and Abbey and Ben
Tuesday night...the festivities will begin.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Count down...

Only 7 day till Open House!
I am assured we are on schedule... New prints are here,
all signed and numbered and framed.  All the matt
cutting and framing will be finished on Monday by noon.
Then its time to clean!  All 199 change of address have
been entered.  Show panels, covers and lights are up.
Paintings are hung (except a few last minute ones)
We must clean, did I mention that??  I comment on this
every year, Linda treats the cleaning as her big Fall Clean.
I am not sure I understand are here to look at
paintings not to notice the dust, I am pretty sure I am right
about this but my opinion is greeted with an eye roll.

Still to be done: more grocery shopping, titles, price and
labels typed, all new prints put on line so you can view them
early, cleaning...

A sample of what will be on display.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Is it Thursday already??

Painting and painting and painting.  That's about all
I am doing.  Morning to late night.... I will say the
new work is looking really good!  Can't wait for you
to see it.  Remember the best selection is on Friday
when the doors open. Linda has a no originals sold
before 2PM policy but you can have it picked out
and ready!

this one is 18 x 14"  I like painting crocks.

Setting up Friday in Lancaster with the guild show.
Lancaster Guild Show
Saturday: 10 am to 6 pm
Sunday: 10 am to 5 pm
Indoors at Lancaster Convention Center
25 S. Queen St
Lancaster, PA 17603

Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday check in

Open House update:
Keep your eye out for your invitation.  If you are from out of PA
feel free to let me know you received it!  Not totally trusting the
Post Office.  If you want an invite email your address and I will
make sure one goes out to you.  Also, feel free to share with
friends you think would like my work.

I am taking orders for the new prints...
Menu is put together and grocery list made.  Wine was purchased.
Mats are being cut daily.   Gigantic order of frames coming on
Tuesday.  Wednesday I go watch the new prints being printed.  
Newest originals are framed.  I am cutting cases of glass and
still painting.  We are on schedule!

Friday, October 24, 2014

2014 Pumpkin #2

6"x 4" original watercolor
 $225  SOLD!

A pumpkin setting on a porch.

Thank you Gerry for helping Linda fix
her computer issue.  He was here and gone
in under 30 minutes!  Thank you Joan for
visiting and taking Linda out of the house!
Other than that... nothing new.