Friday, November 27, 2015

2nd week of Open House...

This is the 2nd week of Open House...
I still have a good selection of original paintings
and we restocked the prints!
Friday, 11/27 from 10-5pm
Saturday, 11/28 from 10-5pm
Sunday, 11/29 from noon-3pm
Held at my studio at 4 N. Spruce St. Lititz

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Only One Day till Open House...

I would like to say we are winding down but it is still
pretty hectic!  This week I had a very nice interview by
Laura Knowles for the Lancaster Newspaper.
You can see it online HERE.  Tuesday night I gave a
talk to the Lititz Womens Club.  Linda's big cleaning day
was yesterday, she takes that very seriously!  Today was
cooking prep day.  More supplies were delivered and I
am wrestling with a string of tiny lights that all of a sudden
went out or are blinking... I think I may have to just disconnect
them!  Our painter painted four more outside windows and
the roofer has been faithfully working.

There are 6 rooms full of paintings and prints
New Originals


 Lots of Mini Prints... think Christmas Gifts

 The NEW Prints

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

9 Days Till Open House

9 Days Till Open House

Linda wanted to make her own fancy popcorn and
I talked her into buying it to save time and her energy!
We had fun running to New Holland to "Emma's" for
this gourmet popcorn Linda picked for open house.

Picked up three 3lb bags, Oreo Peanut Butter,
Vanilla Cream, and Gingerbread.   I was informed
they are not for snacking by the hand full, just a
little taste!!  More mat cutting and framing was
done today, seems to me that is never ending. I
think every time someone says they are coming
Linda panics and adds more to be framed!

Here is a little mini 10x8 I finished.

Meanwhile today our new roofer finished covering
the fascia and soffit on one side of the house.  He is
hand forming it around our old house.  Looks good.
After years of Linda lovingly painting and loving
her old wood she finally gave in to having it covered.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

10 Days Till Open House

Open House Update:
We are moving right along...
I have the tarp around the porch and the rug is down.
Cannot put up the panels until after my show this
weekend.  There are large piles of the new Christmas
prints framed and stacked.  More framing is still going
on.  Titles and prices were done for the new paintings
and their labels printed.  Linda will be adding them to
my website over the weekend, but remember; no sales
until 2pm on Friday the 20th! If you picked one out and
cannot get here on Friday, at exactly 2pm you may
call and Linda will mark it "SOLD" for you.
A major change to the menu was debated for several days...
the decision was made to change the "hot wassail" after
30+ years...
If it is cold out, we are going with a fancy hot chocolate
with homemade marshmallows and if the weather is
warm it will be homemade iced spiced chai latte.
hummm   I was voted against!

I still am painting...
This little gem is 14x18.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

16 days till Open House

All the invites seem to have landed...
Feel free to invite your friends and family!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

24 Days Till Open House

The count down begins...24 days till Open House!
A few minor setbacks today.  First, our supply order
truck broke down and cannot deliver till Thursday.
That puts framing two days behind schedule.  Then
there is a bit of a snag in the printing of the invites,
seems to be a shortage of yellow toner! Hopefully
printing will happen on Wednesday. 
Our mailing house has the addresses, large check to
the Postmaster is written out.  Linda almost has the
menu and grocery list together.  An order of over 100
8x10 frames arrived.  Framing is happening daily.
Meanwhile I am painting.

Again, titles are welcome!

This week is my last set of classes, they start
up again in January.  We had 6 windows across
the upper front of the house painted on Monday.

Back to my painting....

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Open House Update:
My new print was delivered and here I am
signing and numbering all 200.
Linda started the framing of these and
they look fantastic.  We are taking orders
but not shipping until after open house.
I saw Linda is searching for new hors d'oeuvres
which is a serious project!

Meanwhile I finished another painting..
This is from Dinkelsbuhl, Germany... I need a title!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

30 days till Open House!

Only 30 days till my big Open House.  This will be the 32nd
Annual, I can't believe we have done it so long.
First my painting update.
Here is a little sample, not available until 11/20/15 but you
can put them on your wish list!

Next is Linda's update
1) Several deliveries of supplies are coming through the door...
feels like daily!  (tape, hooks and screws, mattboard,
foamboard, framer points and lots of moulding length)
2) Lots of mat cutting and framing going on.
3) The new print came today so I am numbering
and signing 200! 
4)  Invites and tear sheets were proofed today
We are on schedule!

Meanwhile we went away over the weekend with friends to
the Laurel Highlands of PA.  Linda found a great cottage to
rent. We started with a nice dinner at Moon Shadow Cafe.
Saturday we rode the Western MD Scenic Train.  It was sleeting
when we arrived in Frostburg!  Sunday was our visit to
Fallingwater followed by a slightly spicy but tasty lunch at
Out of the Fire Cafe .  We had a wonderful weekend.

Now we are back home and back to work!!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday check in

First, my weekend show info:
Bedford Fall Foliage
October 10-11 From 9am to 5PM
Booth: 174 on Juliana Street
rain or shine or chilly!
Bedford, PA

Next is Open House Update:
Linda is adding three new Holiday mini prints
$15 print with a mat or $35 framed


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Open House update

This time of year gets crazy and if you follow my blog you know
Linda follows her printed schedule she designed so everything is
done the same every year on the correct dates!  She does not
get behind, even if it means pulling a few all-nighters to stay
on task!  My only job is to PAINT!  I still am teaching three
classes for the month and we are still showing but I am focused
on painting.  The rest is in Linda basket.  I know for a fact this
has been done.  In case your are thinking of hosting an open
house you can see what goes into it.
1) The new print has been decided on...

2) name picked... "Bellissimo"
meaning beautiful in Italian since this scene is from Italy.
size with frame is 11x22"  great fun shape.
The cost will be $45 print only or $85 framed.
3)  Linda went to the printer (Pemcor) this morning.
4) The sell sheet to go with the print has been designed
and is at the other printer (Miller Printing).
5) Invitations are being designed, Linda works with a local
printer (Miller Printing) to design them.
6) Mats are being cut and back boards for the shrinks are cut.
7) The older prints are being framed so there is a good selection.
8) Our mailing list has been housecleaned.  Over 6500 names!
9) Contact has been made with our mailing house
    (CRW Enterprises)
I am sure there is more Linda has been doing, I find it best to
stay clear and just feed her occasionally!
Save the Date:
32nd Annual Open House
Friday, November 20 thru November 22

If you are in the market for an original, plan to be here
when the doors open at 2pm Friday for the best selection!
No early sales or orders on originals but you can order a
new print!

In addition to all the open house work, there have been
and roofers here to give quotes for work that needs
done on the house.  Linda is in full gear since I said no more
traveling till the house is updated!  That made her move fast!
Gotta love it!!